Super Bowl 51 | 4 Top Prop Bets

You can’t lose with these picks

I know you have had handicappers say that they have a guaranteed pick or that this is their platinum special. These bets are not like those. For one thing you get them for free right here. For another, these aren’t betting predictions. In my research on Super Bowl LI prop bets I have come across four lines that the online sportsbooks disagree on and have different odds on. Yes, you can middle the sportsbooks so you can’t lose.

The two sportsbooks I used for these odds are Bovada & . If you do not have an account at either one then you are really in luck. I am calling them my WELCOME BONUS BETS because you can bet on both sides and get your welcome bonus from two online sportsbooks.

How to Make Money

The first step is to open an account at the two sportsbooks (Bovada & Then make your deposit. Once you have your account ready to go make the bets listed below. Win some money on your bets and get your welcome bonus from the sportsbooks. I am not saying these bets will make you rich. But, it will make you money.


Julio Jones Receiving Yards Prop Bet

I know that I have my game model on how many yards he will get. But, I don’t need it in this case. Once again I found a WELCOME BONUS BETS. Remember that I do this for a living so every time I find a sure thing. I jump on it. We have one here. The lines on Julio Jones receiving yards at Bovada & are both set at 95.5 receiving yards. It is the odds that are different. Bovada has the under set at +120, while has the over set at +115. You can’t lose!!! Again, if you do not have an account at both online sportsbooks. Open one with our link and get a welcome bonus to get started. By betting both sides not only do you win some money but you also get your welcome bonus. Take the MONEY!!!

My bets on Julio Jones

50% on under 95.5 receiving yards (+120) at Bovada

50% on over 95.5 receiving yards (+115) at

Tom Brady Rushing Yards

This is my WELCOME BONUS BET. I already have used my welcome bonus from these two online sportsbooks but if you haven’t then you are in luck. Bovada has the rushing yards for Tom Brady at 2.5 yards with an over (-135), under (105). While has the rushing yards at 2.5 with an over of (100), under (-130). Since the rushing yards are identical we have a chance to middle the bet on the odds. has over 2.5 yards (100), while Bovada has the under at (105). This means you CAN NOT LOSE!!!

Why do I call this my welcome bonus bet? Because you need to make bets in order to unlock your welcome bonus. With this bet you can open accounts at both online sportsbooks and make bets at both. Since you are guaranteed at small profit AND the bets count toward unlocking your bonus…you can’t lose! So make your bets now before the odds change.

Bovada Welcome Bonus Signup

Sportsbetting Welcome Bonus Signup

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Matt Ryan 1st Quarter Touchdown Passes

This one is worth betting because it is a chance to middle two different sportsbooks. At Bovada he is listed at one 1st quarter touchdown pass with the over (-140) and the under (+110). At the 1st quarter touchdowns is 0.5 and the over is (+125) and the under is (-155). That is the type of spread difference you will never see in a side or total NFL betting line.

My WELCOME BONUS BET is to take the under at Bovada; (1 touchdown at +110) and the over at; (0.5 touchdowns at +125). You are guaranteed to win one of these two bets since both have a positive return. Win some money now!!! This is also another chance to cash in on your welcome bonus from the two sportsbooks. Again, since you are going to make two bets at two casinos. Get a welcome bonus to do it AND middle the bet.

50% bet on under 1 touchdown (+110) Bovada

50% bet on over 0.5 touchdowns (+125)

Julian Edelman Recptions

Julian will get his receptions. The poor tackling Atlanta secondary is to inviting not to put the ball in his hands on short passes and let him run with it.

Receptions over 7.5 (-115)

This is one of my WELCOME BONUS BETS. has over 7.5 receptions at (-115) while Bovada has under 7.5 receptions at (+120). This mean if you bet the over at and the under at Bovada. One bet is guaranteed to win. Remember on these bets if you win you get your original bet back plus the win.

Here are the outcomes.

Bet $100 at Bovada on the under & bet $115 on the over at

Bet goes under: Then Bovada pays $220 on $215 total bet.

Bet goes over: Then pays $215 on $215 bet.

By betting both sides you can not lose. There is a modest payout if you hit the under. You also get the bets you need to make to earn your welcome bonus payouts. Bovada is offering a 50% welcome bonus up to $250. is offering a 75% welcome bonus up to $1,000. Get them both and CASH

Four Best Bets on Super Bowl LI

Make all four bets and make some money watching the Super Bowl. I am still looking for more bets like these so keep checking back here right up till game time. Be aware that all odds are subject to change to don’t wait on these bets. Good Luck