New England Patriots

Super Bowl 51 Defense Prop Bets Picks

New England Patriots Sacks Prop Bet Picks

The sack total I have predicted for the Patriots is 2. I am going to make two bets to blend my bets. The Patriots sack total at is set to over 1.5 (-200), while at Bovada the sack total is 2 (-125). By doing this if it lands on 2 I will push my Bovada bet and win my MyBookie bet. Of course, if it goes over 2 I will win both bets.

75% Over 1.5 Patriots sacks (-200) at MyBookie

25% Over 2 Patriots sacks (-105) at Bovada

Patriots & Falcons Sacks Prop Bet Picks

The sack total I have predicted for both the Patriots & Falcons combined is 4 with a slight lean to 5. I am going to blend my bets by combining 3 bets. Two of them forms and one from Bovada. Again, this helps me with a push. If it lands on 4 I will win over 3.5, push the 4 and lose the 4.5. However, if it does land on 5 or more then I will win all three bets.

50% Over 3.5 sacks (-135) at

25% Over 4.5 sacks (+145) at

25% Over 4 sacks (-105) at Bovada

Rob Ninkovich Total Tackles and Assists Combined

This prop bet combines tackles and interceptions but does not include sacks. I have him at 4+ combined and Bovada has him set at 2.5.

Over 2.5 tackles & assists (-150) at Bovada

Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl 51 Defense Prop Bet Picks

Logan Ryan Total Tackles and Assists Prop Bet

I don’t have Logan Ryan dominating in the way that some of the sports books have him. I am taking an under bet here.

Under 6.5 Tackles & Assists (100) at Bovada