2017 NFL Draft Prop Odds
#1 Pick, Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Receiver

The 2017 NFL Draft will be the 82nd annual meeting of National Football League (NFL) franchises to select newly eligible football players. It is scheduled to be held in Philadelphia from April 27 to 29, returning to the city for the first time since 1961.

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2017 NFL Draft Props #1 Pick

07:00 PM101Offensive player +170 
102Defensive player -215 

2017 NFL Draft Props 1st Quarterback Selected

07:00 PM103Mitch Trubisky +115 
104Deshaun Watson +135 
105DeShone Kizer +425 
106Pat Mahomes +2000 

2017 NFL Draft Props 1st Running Back Selected

07:00 PM111Leonard Fournette -450 
112Dalvin Cook +350 
113Christian McCaffrey +2000 
114D’Onta Foreman +2500 

2017 NFL Draft Props 1st Wide Receiver Selected

07:00 PM121Mike Williams -325 
122Corey Davis +275 
123John Ross +1200

2017 NFL Draft Order


1Cleveland Browns1–15.549 
2San Francisco 49ers2–14.504 
3Chicago Bears3–13.522 
4Jacksonville Jaguars3–13.528 
5Tennessee Titans (from L.A. Rams)4–12.506 
6New York Jets5–11.518 
7Los Angeles Chargers5–11.543 
8Carolina Panthers6–10.518 
9Cincinnati Bengals6–9–1.521 
10Buffalo Bills7–9.482 
11New Orleans Saints7–9.525 
12Cleveland Browns (from Philadelphia)7–9.559 
13Arizona Cardinals7–8–1.463 
14 or 15Indianapolis Colts8–8.492 
14 or 15Philadelphia Eagles (from Minnesota)8–8.492 
16Baltimore Ravens8–8.498 
17Washington Redskins8–7–1.516 
18Tennessee Titans9–7.465 
19Tampa Bay Buccaneers9–7.492 
20Denver Broncos9–7.549 
21Detroit Lions9–7.464WC
22Miami Dolphins10–6.420WC
23New York Giants11–5.489WC
24Oakland Raiders12–4.502WC
25Houston Texans9–7.491Div
26Seattle Seahawks10–5–1.458Div
27Kansas City Chiefs12–4.520Div
28Dallas Cowboys13–3.465Div
29Green Bay Packers10–6.502Conf
30Pittsburgh Steelers11–5.522Conf
31Atlanta Falcons11–5.480Lost SB
32New England Patriots14–2.424Won SB