How to bet Super Bowl LI Online

Super Bowl 51 How to bet Falcons vs Patriots Online

It is finally here. Super Bowl 51 (Super Bowl LI) on February 5th, 2017 has the Atlanta Falcons vs New England Patriots. The line is out and there will be hundreds of fun prop bets to wager on; how many yards Matt Ryan will throw for, will Tom Brady throw for one touchdown, two touchdowns, three or more touchdowns, coin toss, margin of victory, field goals, Julio Jones…hundreds more….

However, you can’t make it to Las Vegas to wager on the Super Bowl and you still want to participate in a little NFL action. There is another option that is far cheaper than flying to Las Vegas and paying for an overpriced hotel room. You can bet from home on your computer or phone.

If you have never bet online before you may be a little apprehensive. But if you have ever been to an Indian Casino or to Las Vegas then you know what to do. Betting online is no different than in a Las Vegas casino. It is just easier and in the world of sports wagering you have far more options online than you will in Las Vegas. Let me put your mind at ease and help you out with the most important decision to get started.

I Use These Sportsbooks

The most important thing in betting online is to attach yourself to a reliable, reputable online sportsbook. Since sports’ betting is all about money, it’s even more important to stay clear of bad establishments and go with the ones you can trust. Out of the hundreds of online sportsbooks these are the top three I recommend.

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There are others, of course, but with my over twenty years of sports wagering experience, there are several good reasons why these three sportsbooks are so popular. The independent review site, Sportsbook Review rated them as follows; Bovada rated an A , MyBookie rated C and , Sportsbetting rated an A. Why did MyBookie get a C? Because they are the new sportsbook and haven’t been around long enough to get an A rating. One great thing about MyBookie is that they are very aggressive handing out bonus offers. They have an incredible Super Bowl welcome bonus offer that is up to $3,000. That is right you can get up to $3,000 in welcome bonus money.

All three specialize in working with United States customers.

How to Fund Your Account

There are many options to fund your account. Different sportsbooks offer different funding options and you can pick the one you prefer. One option I like is to use Bitcoin. If you have never used Bitcoin before I would use an option you are comfortable with to make your initial deposit and then check out Bitcoin later. Your money should be loaded to your account in an hour. The most popular method of deposit is to use a VISA credit card or debit card. It’s like shopping online! You do that all the time, right?

Ready to Bet

This is the easy part. Now that you’ve got money in your account, pick the game you want to lay down some money on. Remember, in Las Vegas or online. Only bet what you can afford to lose. Don’t be an idiot and max out your credit card just because it’s there.

Collect Your Winnings

Each site has different payout options. However, the reason we picked these three sites to bet with is that they do payout. That is the most important thing. You get your money when you win.

Types of Bets

There will literally be hundreds of betting odds on Super Bowl 51. Or as the NFL calls it Super Bowl LI. The side and total bet are the obvious bets. But, over the last decade the Super Bowl Prop Bets have become really popular and there will be hundreds of them. We at PropBets.Football love this time of year because we are prop betting experts and we will be posting our picks during Super Bowl week so check back for our free Super Bowl prop betting predictions.

Maybe you want to bet on Lady Gaga. We had action on her last year. How about odds on the coin toss or the color of the gatorade shower the winning head coach will get. Those are fun entertainment bets. We will be spending a lot of time going over the player prop bets and expect to have over 50 prop bet predictions up. Bets on how many yards Brady or Ryan will throw for or how many sacks they will take. Bets on interceptions and field goals…too many to go over now.

All you need to do is get your account set up before Super Bowl Sunday and then come back here for our free prop betting predictions for the Atlanta Falcons vs New England Patriots in Super Bowl 51. For some strange reason the NFL refuses to call it Super Bowl 51. It is called Super Bowl LI. If you are on Twitter or Facebook it is #SB51 or #SBLI. Whatever you want to call it. Save the money you would spend flying to Las Vegas and getting a hotel room and use the money to get a welcome bonus.