Super Bowl 51 Prop Bet Odds

The NFL playoffs have narrowed down the number of possible Super Bowl LI winner to just 8 teams. After this weekend we will have 4 teams left. This is a great time to bet on the team or teams that you think will win it all. The odds now are far better than you will get on Super Bowl Sunday. The odds below are from 01-13-17.

Super Bowl 51 Futures Odds

On a $100  
Seattle Seahawks9001200800
Atlanta Falcons800600500
Houston Texans5,0005,0005,000
New England Patriots180160130
Pittsburgh Steelers725700550
Kansas City Chiefs900800625
Green Bay Packers550700550
Dallas Cowboys475450375

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Super Bowl 51 Futures Betting Strategy

As you can see from above. Where you bet will greatly alter your ROI. Why would you bet on the Seahawks at MyBookie and get $800 back when you can make the EXACT same bet at and get back $1,200. Take it a step further. What if you like the winner of the Seattle vs Atlanta game to win it all. The wise choice would be to put $100 on Seattle at at +1200 and then bet $100 on Atlanta at Bovada for +800.

We here a lot of talk about “wise guys” or pros. From what I have found the real difference is between the people who will take the time to treat gambling as a profession or at least a part time job and those who will not. Go back to the Seattle vs Atlanta game and ask yourself this. If I offered you $1,200 for one days work or $800 for the exact same job. And told you it would be up to you to go online and choose what salary you wanted. What would you do?

Even where there is a consensus choice like the New England Patriots there is still a big difference in ROI. Which would you rather do. Get $180 for 3 hours “work” with Bovada or $130 for 3 hours of the same “work” with MyBookie? I hope this has helped you understand a little about NFL Futures betting and how to use it to increase your ROI. GL

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