Denver Broncos vs Oakland Raiders
NFL Prop Betting Picks 11-06-16

NFL Prop Betting Odds
Sunday Night Football from Oakland brings a AFC West Division match up between last years Super Bowl Champions and this years upstart the Oakland Raiders. The Raiders have a top offense and a 31st ranked defense. The Broncos have a top defense and a strugeling defense. Which prevails….see our game pick on It is important to make a game pick before making prop bet picks. If you think it will be a high scoring game or a low scoring game will be important in making prop bet picks.
Now, get out your Draftkings and Fanduel picks and lets make some real money bets.

Quarterback Prop Bet Picks

  1. Total Passing Yards – Trevor Siemian (DEN) 250.5 yards
    Pick: Over 250.5 Passing Yards (-125)
  2. Total Passing Yards – Derek Carr (OAK) 239.5 yards
    Pick: Over 239.5 Passing Yards (-125)
  3. Total Touchdown Passes – Trevor Siemian (DEN) 1.5 Touchdowns
    Pick: Over 1.5 Touchdowns (-105)
  4. Total Touchdown Passes – Derek Carr (OAK) 1.5 Touchdowns
    Pick: Over 1.5 Touchdowns (-140)
  5. Total Interceptions Thrown – Trevor Siemian (DEN) 0.5 Interceptions
    Pick: Over 0.5 Interceptions (-140)

NFL Prop Betting Odds

Rushing Prop Bet Picks

  1. Total Rushing Yards – Devontae Booker (DEN) 74.5 yards
    Pick: Under 72.5 Rushing Yards (-105)
  2. Total Rushing Yards – Latavius Murray (OAK) 54.5 yards
    Pick: Under 54.5 Rushing Yards (-115)

NFL Prop Betting Odds

Receiving Yards Prop Bet Picks

  1. Total Receiving Yards – Virgil Green (DEN) 25.5
    Pick: Over 25.5 Receiving Yards (-130)
  2. Total Receiving Yards – Demaryius Thomas (DEN) 72.5 yards
    Pick: Over 72.5 Receiving Yards (-115)
  3. Total Receiving Yards – Amari Cooper (OAK) 69.5 yards
    Pick: Over 69.5 Receiving Yards (-115)
  4. Total Receptions – Demaryius Thomas (DEN) 5.5 receptions
    Pick: Over 5.5 Receptions (-115)
  5. Total Receptions – Clive Walford (OAK) 2 receptions
    Pick: Over 2 Receptions (-115)
  6. Total Receptions – Amari Cooper (OAK) 5 receptions
    Pick: Over 5 Receptions (-105)

NFL Prop Betting Odds

Special Teams / Defensive Prop Bet Picks

  1. Will a special teams or defensive TD be scored?
    Pick: Yes, (+175)

NFL Prop Betting Odds