Eagles vs Cowboys Player Prop Bet Picks
10-30-16 Sunday Night Football

Ready for a good Sunday Night Football game? The Eagles and Cowboys should play one of the better prime time games this year. Division rivals that are both looking to make the playoffs. If you are new to PropBets.Football then let me say that this is not a place for side and totals picks. We are into proposition betting. Player prop bet picks and sometimes a team prop bet pick.

It is an extension of the daily fantasy football fun we used to have and of course since we live in Las Vegas we had to turn it into a way to bet and make a little money. Player prop odds are just single bets on how a player will do. In a typical NFL game there will be over 60 bets available. Prop bets on quarterbacks will include; passing yards, touchdowns, completions, interceptions and a few more.

Here are the current odds to 60+ bets on the Eagles vs Cowboys game.
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Eagles vs Cowboys Picks

Quarterback Prop Bet Picks

  1. Total Passing Yards – Carson Wentz (PHI) 229.5 yards
    Pick: Under 229.5 yards (-115)
  2. Total Passing Yards – Dak Prescott (DAL) 235.5 yards
    Pick: Over 235.5 yards (-115)
  3. Total Interceptions Thrown – Carson Wentz (PHI) 0.5 Interceptions
    Pick: Over 0.5 INT (-140)

Running Back Prop Bet Picks

  1. Total Rushing Yards – Ryan Mathews (PHI) 47.5 yards
    Pick: Over 47.5 yards (-115)

Receiving Prop Bet Picks

  1. Total Receiving Yards – Zach Ertz (PHI) 30.5 yards
    Pick: Over 30.5 yards (-115)
  2. Total Receiving Yards – Jason Witten (DAL) 42.5 yards
    Pick: Under 42.5 yards (-115)
  3. Total Receiving Yards – Dez Bryant WR (DAL) 62.5 yards
    Pick: Under 62.5 yards (-115)

Defense & Special Teams

  1. Total QB Sacks 4.5 Sacks Combined
    Pick: Over 4.5 Sacks (-115)
  2. Total Successful Field Goals 3.5 Combined
    Pick: Over 3.5 Field Goals (-115)