NFL Prop Betting Predictions 10-30-16

Ready to put your daily fantasy football picks from Draftkings to work for you on some straight bets? You don’t have to draft a full roster. Just take that one or two “sleeper picks” that you have and straight bet them to make some money.
If you love daily fantasy football and miss playing college fantasy football. Well, then take your daily fantasy college football information and start making prop bet picks. You can take a look at our picks for yesterdays games. Each week of the college football season we will be making some picks. Be warned, that the college prop bet odds are usually not up until a couple of hours before the game so you want to have a list of players to wager on. Find the guys who you think will do great or do poorly and lay down some money on it.

If you look on Sunday morning each game should have over 90 bets on every game. Yep, odds on over 90 bets. Take a look for yourself:

Here are some of my picks. Check back on Sunday and I will be adding more here. GL

These odds are from Bovada and to see more odds
See Bovada NFL Betting Odds also offers prop bets so to compare here are there odds
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Washington Redskins vs Cincinnati Bengals Prop Bet Picks

  1. Total Rushing Yards – Jeremy Hill (CIN) 65.5 yards
    Pick: Under 65.5 (-105)
  2. Total Receiving Yards – A.J. Green (CIN) 95.5 yards
    Pick: Under 95.5 yards (-105)

Kansas City Chiefs vs Indianapolis Colts Prop Bet Picks

  1. Total Passing Yards – Andrew Luck (IND) 275.5 yards
    Pick: Under 275.5 yards (+100)
  2. Total Rushing Yards – Andrew Luck (IND) 21.5 yards
    Pick: Over 21.5 (-130)
  3. Total Receiving Yards – Spencer Ware (KC) 25.5
    Pick: Over 25.5 yards (-125)

New England Patriots vs Buffalo Bills Prop Bet Picks

  1. Total Passing Yards – Tyrod Taylor (BUF) 219.5 yards
    Pick: Under 219.5 yards (105)
  2. Total Passing Yards – Tom Brady (NE) 300.5
    Pick: Over 300.5 yards (-115)
  3. Total Receiving Yards – Julian Edelman (NE) 61.5 yards
    Pick: Over 61.5 yards (-115)

San Diego Chargers vs Denver Broncos Prop Bet Picks

  1. Total Passing Yards – Philip Rivers (SD) 220.5 yards
    Pick: Over 220.5 (-125)
  2. Total Interceptions Thrown – Philip Rivers (SD) 0.5 INT
    Pick: Over 0.5 (-175)

Seattle Seahawks vs New Orleans Saints Prop Bet Picks

  1. Total Rushing Yards – Christine Michael (SEA) 72.5
    Pick: Over 72.5 yards (-120)
  2. Total Passing Yards – Russell Wilson (SEA) 269.5 yards
    Pick: Over 269.5 yards (-115)
  3. Total Passing Yards – Drew Brees (NO) 290.5 yards
    Pick: Under 290.5 yards (-105)
  4. Total Interceptions Thrown – Russell Wilson (SEA) 0.5 INT
    Pick: Over 0.5 INT (+120)

New York Jets vs Cleveland Browns Prop Bet Picks

  1. Total Rushing Yards – Matt Forte (NYJ) 80.5 yards
    Pick: Under 80.5 (-105)

Arizona Cardinals vs Carolina Panthers Prop Bet Picks

  1. Total Rushing Yards – Jonathan Stewart (CAR) 67.5 yards
    Pick: Over 67.5 yards (-120)

Green Bay  Packers vs Atlanta Falcons Prop Bet Picks

  1. Total Passing Yards – Matt Ryan (ATL) 305.5 yards
    Pick: Over 305.5 yards (-125)
  2. Total Interceptions Thrown – Matt Ryan (ATL) 0.5 INT
    Pick: Over 0.5 Int (-150)