NFL Prop Betting Picks Week 6

Ready for another week of NFL betting? Time to make more money by expanding your betting options. There are odds available on almost anything. On a typical NFL game each week there are over 60 betting odds available. Far more than your side or totals bet. You can bet on a quarterback. How many touchdowns? How many yards? Will he throw some interceptions? It might sound a little far fetched to make money on prop bets but, have you played daily fantasy football before? If you have then you are ready to make money on prop bets. Just think of a prop bet as a one player daily fantasy football pick. In fact, start with your Draftkings notes. Take a look at your Draftkings roster you submitted and pick out the one or two guys that you think will over perform. Since there is usually a correlation between prop bet odds and fantasy cost. If you can pick the “sleeper” in one then you can pick it in another.

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NFL 10-16-16 Prop Bet Picks

San Francisco 49ers vs Buffalo Bills Prop Bet Picks

1) Total Passing Yards – Colin Kaepernick (SF) over/under 200.5
Pick: Under 200.5 (-115)

2) Total Interceptions Thrown – Colin Kaepernick (SF) over/under 0.5
Pick: Over 0.5 (-150)

3) Total Rushing Yards – Colin Kaepernick (SF) over/under 29.5
Pick: Over 29.5 (-125)

Baltimore Ravens vs New York Giants Prop Bet Picks

1) Total Rushing Yards – Terrance West (BAL) over/under 62.5
Pick: Over 62.5 (-115)

Dallas Cowboys vs Green Bay Packers Prop Bet Picks

1) Total Rushing Yards – Ezekiel Elliott (DAL) over/under 90.5
Pick: Under 90.5 (-115)

Carolina Panthers vs New Orleans Saints Prop Bet Picks

1) Total Passing Yards – Drew Brees (NO) over/under 290.5
Pick: Over 290.5 (-115)

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Miami Dolphins Prop Bet Picks

1) Total Passing Yards – Ben Roethlisberger (PIT) over/under 305.5
Pick: Over 305.5 (-115)

Atlanta Falcons vs Seattle Seahawks Prop Bet Picks

1) Total Passing Yards – Matt Ryan (ATL) over/under 265.5
Pick: Under 265.5 (-115)

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