2017 Super Bowl 51 Winner?

The NFL is going back to Roman Numerals for the 51st title game between the NFC and AFC Champions. The 2017 Super Bowl, or Super Bowl LI will be on Feb. 5, 2017 at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. It’s the third time the game will be played in Houston, and it’s the second time the venue will host the contest.

These odds are updated as of 10/01/2016. To see current odds here.
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2017 Super Bowl 51 Odds

2017 Super Bowl 51 Odds

Super Bowl LI Odds & Picks

Most people like to wait until the week of the Super Bowl to make their betting pick on who will win. A few like to bet before the season has begun. Me, I like to get several weeks of action in and make bets during the seasons when I see value on a team. As of right now, 10/01/16 there are two teams that I see some good odds on. This is not a lottery pick and I am not trying to force a long shot pick. I am just looking for some teams that are off to a slow start that I think will make the playoffs and have the type of team and coaching staff to go deep into the playoffs.

My two early season picks for Super Bowl 51

Arizona Cardinals +1400

Denver Broncos +1200

Both of these teams have playoff experience from last year. The Cards are off to an embarrassing start but they have essentially the same team that went to the Championship game last year and there is no reason to think they will not be able to get a little run together and get home field advantage in the first round of the playoffs.

Denver has the best defense in the NFL. I know quarterback Trevor Siemian is an unknown but last year they were able to win it all with a “noodle” arm. So, why not again this year? Remember, it is not how Trevor Siemian is playing now but how will he be playing once he has 500 NFL snaps of experience. Value on these two teams is worth the risk.

What I will try and to is get the field of teams I think have a chance as long as I can get them at +1000 or better. Once they are in the playoffs then I can adjust my game bets to buy a little insurance against my Super Bowl futures bets.

GL and if you see a team you like take it before the odds change.