Houston Texans vs New England Patriots Prop betting Picks

Thursday night football brings us another round of football wagering. If you are an average gambler then you are pretty much limited to the side and total of the game. Lets face it, with just one NFL game on it is hard to get a lot of action out of this game. So, it is time to move up to prop betting. As I always remind fantasy football players. If you have set your lineup for Drafktings or Fanduel then you have already done your prop bet research. Just use it here to leverage your best daily fantasy football picks for the week.
The Texans and Pats will be a low scoring game (see my game prediction at sportsbetting.pics) and my prop bets will reflect this. The first thing up is a quick intro to the number of prop bets with over 70 available for this game if you don’t like my picks then take a look at other prop bets available for:

Prop Bets Available include

Brock Osweiler
Jacoby Brissett
Lamar Miller
LeGarrette Blount
Danny Amendola
and a lot more at
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Texans vs Patriots Bets


Field Goals


Here we have an opportunity for several bets. There are odds available on total field for both teams combined, Texans field goals and for Patriots field goals.

Lets start with the Texans. They have an over under of 1.5 with the over at (-155). I really like this one as the Texans have attempted more field goals than any team in the NFL this year with 4 per game. The Patriots are 11th and are averaging 2.5 field goal attempts a game. The Patriots odds are over under 1.5 field goals with the over at (-145). I will be on this one to as the Pats have a decent red zone defense and the Texans can be conservative on offense.

This brings us to the combined field goals for both teams which stands at 3.5 and the over is (-105). I like this bet more than the individual team bets I will be making because I can easily see one team kicking three field goals.

Margin of Victory


Margin of victory. This is a good one if you have a real feel for the game. If you think the game is going to be a blowout then you can augment your side bet with a 7-12 point or a 13-18 point victory bet.

In the Texans vs Patriots game I am expecting it to be a close low scoring game with a lot of field goals. I like this game to come down to the end with one team winning by 4 or less points. The two margin of victory bets I am making are on the Texans at a 1-6 point victory at +325 and on the Patriots at a 1-6 point victory at +325. Think about it. If this game comes down to less than a touchdown victory then I cover and get back +225.