College Football Prop Betting Picks 9-24-16

Good morning everyone. We have a few prop bet picks up for today’s games. Keep in mind that the odds for prop bets on college football are usually released about four hours before kickoff so we only have picks for the games that are upcoming later today. If you want to see prop bets for more games (new odds updated all day) then here is a link to the current lines, totals and prop bets.
College Football Player Prop Bet Odds
College Football Team Prop Bet Odds
I have two prop bet picks for the early games. I will be going over the odds as they are released today and I will be adding anymore prop bets I make here…at the bottom of the page.

Below is an example of the type of a team prop bets that are available in Margin of Victory

FSU vs USF Prop Bet Odds

Margin of Victory

Margin of Victory

Margin of Victory

Not All Games Have Prop Bets

Prop Bets on MOST Games

Prop Bets on MOST Games

Now that we have given you an idea of what type of bets are available every Saturday. It is time to make a few prop bet picks. The first thing I do is look at my daily fantasy football picks. I take my Drafktings lineup and look for my sleeper pick. Everyone has at least one guy he things is going to vastly over perform the “experts” prediction. If he is undervalued in daily fantasy football then it is likely he is undervalued on the prop bet line. 

Nick Chubb Prop Bets Pick


Looking at the Odds for Nick Chubb.

Total Rushing Yards – Nick Chubb (Georgia) Over/Under 123.5

My Pick is Under 123.5 yards


FSU Passing Yards

FSU Passing Yards

The Florida State vs South Florida game has over 30 prop bets available. For this one I will be betting on the

Total Passing Yards – Florida State QB’s Over/Under 315 (-120)

I will be taking the under as I have FSU finishing with under 300 yards passing for the day.

Joshua Dobbs

Joshua Dobbs Prop Bets

Joshua Dobbs Prop Bets

I have this game as a low scoring close game with defense dominating. I don’t see Joshua Dobbs having a big day.

Total Passing Yards – Joshua Dobbs (Tennessee) Over/Under 200.5 yards * Under (-120)

Taking Dobbs to go under 200 yards for the day.

Penn State vs Michigan Alt Line

Penn State vs Michigan MOV

Penn State vs Michigan Alternative Line

The first thing to do when making an alternative line prop bet is to make a prediction on the normal betting line. I have one and it is available on SportsBetting.Pics

In this game I like Penn State as a live dog to keep the game close. I will be making two bets on the alternative betting line.

Alternate Spread 1 Penn State +10.5 (+160)

Alternate Spread 2 Penn State +21.5 (-250)

Christian McCaffrey Prop Bets

Christian McCaffrey

Christian McCaffrey Prop Bets

The Cardinals will go against an improved UCLA defense over last years team. Christian McCaffrey isn’t going to run for 243 yards and four TDs like he did last year against UCLA. But, he will be able to get several pass receptions. I look for him to get outside of the UCLA defense by catching quick passes and at least one deep one.

Total Receiving Yards – Christian McCaffrey (Stanford) Over 59.5 (-120)

Total Receptions – Christian McCaffrey (Stanford) Over 5 receptions (+100)