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50 Broncos vs Panthers Betting Screen

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Super Bowl 50 real live betting screen

The first thing you will notice is that there is a score in the game. The Denver Broncos lead the game 3-0 and there is 10:50 left in the first quarter.

Take a look on the left hand column and you will see that even though the Broncos are leading in the game. You can still bet on the Broncos +3.5 points at (-110). Remember, that this is for the game and not from this point forward so you still get the three points the Broncos have scored. In this scenario if the Panthers had come back and won the game 20-17. You would still win your bet with the +3.5 points.

The middle column has the money line with the Broncos still a positive +130 to win the game.

The third column has the game total and at this juncture it is set to 43.5 points for the game.



Live Football Prop Bets

Not shown are the many prop bets that you can make on a Super Bowl game. In fact, most of the in game prop bets for the Super Bowl are available every week for other NFL games. Prop bets that you may be familiar with like; number of passing yards by Manning, or number of rushing yards by Newton are available for in game wagering. They odds and number of yards are usually updated each quarter.

Another type of prop bet is the single drive bet. You can bet on a first down on each drive or other common bets are; will they score a TD a FG or maybe a turnover. Each of these is updated before each drive and if there is some commercial time then they can be updated during the drive.

In other words, if you are watching a game and have a feel for what is happening. Live betting will give you a chance to be after watching a few minutes of the game.