In-Play Betting Exchanges

A betting exchange is a wagering platform where peer to peer betting takes place. The world’s largest betting exchange is Explaining the concept of betting exchanges is rather simple. A gambler can log in and choose to bet a team. In order to make his bet he needs a gambler to bet on the other side.

Live Betting Lines from Bovada

At betting exchanges in-play wagering is incredibly popular. During a game you can continue to either back or go against teams. The huge advantage to this form of wagering, often called bet trading, is that bettors only pay commission on their net win for each market. So for example, if through a series of live bets you lose $1500 on Green Bay and win $1800 on their opponent Arizona, your profit is $300; this is the amount you pay commission on. Betting exchanges are far more popular in Europe than they are in the US. One reason for this is that for an exchange to work it needs to have a large network of online gamblers. In the US, the ban on interstate sports wagering has prevented this from taking place. That is why the US customer is more familiar with spread betting.