Carolina Panthers vs Denver Broncos
Defensive Prop Bet Picks

Since some of the prop bets on defense are for individual players and others are for the defensive team combined I will provide all of my Super Bowl 50 defensive team and player prop bets in one place. Check back for more as I will be adding prop bet picks right up until game time.

Both teams have quarterbacks that get a majority of the media attention but neither would be here if it was not for a defense that can dominate. The Denver Broncos are well known to have one of if not the top defense in the NFL. The Carolina Panthers defense was overshadowed by Cam Newton but they also dominated. The Panther defense depends more on turnovers will the Broncos defense was less reliant on turnovers than just shutting down opposing teams.
Super Bowl 50 Prop Bet Odds * Panthers vs Broncos *

Take a look at the 2015 team stats

Defensive Grid

super bowl 50 match up defense gride

Offensive Grid

super bowl 50 match up offense grid

Quarterback Sacks

Both teams defenses excelled at opponents passing yards per attempt. What does that mean? That both teams put pressure on the quarterback will avoiding the big passing play. They should be able to continue to do the same thing in this game. The offense will have to adjust to the defenses ability to sack the quarterback and they will. The game plans will involve shorter routs and more passing to the backs.
Total QB Sacks
Pick: Under 5.5 (-140)