Super Bowl 50 Prop Bet Pick
Coldplay Halftime Song

Yes, you can bet on which song Coldplay will sing at halftime. Might be a fun bet but for me it is a real bet. A win on this bet counts just as much as a win on any other sporting event.
Super Bowl 50 Prop Bet Odds * Panthers vs Broncos *

Which song will Coldplay play first during the halftime show?

Adventure of a Lifetime   2/1

Fix You                              7/2

A Sky Full of Stars            9/2

Viva la Vida                       5/1

Clocks                              15/2

Speed of Sound                9/1

Head Full of Dreams       10/1

Paradise                           10/1

Coldplay Super Bowl Search Results

Coldplay Super Bowl search results on Google. Tells you that most people who will be watching are not Coldplay fans. They may now some of the songs but they are not that familiar with the group.

First question. Who is the audience for the Super Bowl. The game draws a much broader viewing public than a regular season game. There will be more women and non-football fans watching. This is an event not a sporting event to a large segment of the audience. For Coldplay this is a chance to reach people who would not normally listen to their music. Which song can they use to drive music downloads and make some money? My bet is on “A Sky Full of Stars” at 9/2. It is familiar enough with non fans to provoke questions about the song. What are the lyrics? What album is that on? When did it come out?

Coldplay Halftime Song Pick

A Sky Full of Stars at 9/2