Carolina Panthers vs Denver Broncos
Prop Bet Picks Super Bowl 50

Are you ready for some football. After an eight hour pregame show you had better be. During the pregame I will be checking for more prop picks and posting them here or I will send them on twitter @EconFox
I will also be going over my live betting info for the game. To see my Live Betting Football guide go to LiveBetting.Football (yes dot football not dot com…dot com is old)
If you want to see my game score prediction * It is at

Super Bowl Team Prop Betting Picks

Alternate Point Spread
Pick: Denver Broncos +3.5 (+120)
Pick: Denver Broncos +7.5 (-150)

Alternate Team Totals Spread
Pick: Over 40.5 (-190)

Margin of Victory ( I love this one, I had both Seattle & New England at 1 to 6 last year)
Pick: Denver Broncos 1 to 6 points (+400)
Pick: Carolina Panthers 1 to 6 points (+300)

Largest Lead of the Game
Pick: Under 14.5 (-130)

Super Bowl 50 Prop Bet Odds * Panthers vs Broncos *

First Score of the Game
Pick: Field Goal or Safety (+110)

First Score of Game Exact
Pick: Denver Field Goal (+375)

Total Interceptions in Game
Pick: Under 1.5 (+160)

Total Penalties Each Team
Pick: Denver Broncos Under 6.5 (-115)
Pick: Carolina Panthers Under 6.5 (-115)

Super Bowl 50 Prop Bet Odds * Panthers vs Broncos *

Will There be a Two Point Conversion Attempt
Pick: Yes, (+145)