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NFL Prop Bets 2020 | Expert NFL Player Prop & Game Predictions | Free NFL Betting Database

Joe Burrow Prop Bets

Bengals vs Browns Prop Bet Picks Stats Results 9-17-20

Cincinnati Bengals vs Cleveland Browns NFL Prop Bets & Game Predictions Cleveland holds an edge against Cincinnati over the past five games, recording a 3-2 record. Cleveland has had the upper hand scoring in those five matchups, totaling 127 points… Read more »

Kansas City Chiefs Spread Betting Results 2019

Texans vs Chiefs Prop Bet Picks Stats Results 9-10-20

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Tennessee Titans spread betting results 2019

Titans vs Broncos Prop Bet Picks Stats Results 9-14-20

Tennessee Titans vs Denver Broncos NFL Prop Bets & Game Predictions Odds, Time, TV When:  10:10 PM EST Where:  Denver, CO TV: ESPN Bovada Money Line: Titans (-170) , Broncos (+150) Bovada Spread: Titans -3 (-120), Broncos +3 (+100) Bovada Total:… Read more » Sportsbook Review
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Tennessee Titans spread betting results 2019

Titans vs Broncos Prop Bet Picks Stats Results 9-14-20

Tennessee Titans vs Denver Broncos NFL Prop Bets & Game Predictions Odds, Time, TV When:  10:10 PM EST Where:  Denver, CO TV: ESPN Bovada Money Line: Titans (-170) , Broncos (+150) Bovada Spread: Titans -3 (-120), Broncos +3 (+100) Bovada Total:… Read more »

NFL Prop Bets Guide: How to Bet & Win Money

What is a Proposition Bet?

A prop bet is a bet on an individual player or game outcome. The prop bet that started it all was a Super Bowl proposition offered at the Westgate Sportsbook in Las Vegas. “Will William “The Refrigerator” Perry score a touchdown?” in Super Bowl XX. He did and a lot of people cashed. An important reminder to sportsbook managers across the country. If you want to grow your customer base you need to create excitement. If this had been a losing bet, then the prop betting boom we are now experiencing may not have happened. Most NFL prop bets revolve around individual player performance. Will a quarterback throw for over 300 yards, will a running back run for over 100 yards? There are also NFL team prop bets with the most common being the NFL futures bet. Will the Dallas Cowboys make the playoffs? Will the Kansas City Chiefs win more or less than 12 games? These are normal regular season prop bets. When the Super Bowl takes place, it seems that sportsbook managers get highly creative in coming up with new prop bets. One of the more popular Super Bowl proposition bets is the “crossover bet”. A “crossover bet” involves betting on a Super Bowl outcome and tying it to something that has nothing to do with the Super Bowl. An example would be, will the Super Bowl winner score more points than Stephen Curry in an NBA game on the same day? Of course, there are also the “carnival bets” or “sideshow bets”. Will the coin toss be heads or tails? What color of Gatorade will be dumped on the winning head coach? The “carnival bets” are strictly action bets and not something I would spend time on if I was more interested in money than action. But if you are into both then they can be a lot of fun.

Prop Betting Basics

Prop betting has exploded in popularity in large part because of the entertainment action that a bettor can get for putting down $20 on something fun to happen. However, there is money to be made if you are willing to do a little research.

Entertainment Prop Betting

Entertainment prop bets are not limited to just sports. There was good action on who would sit on the “Iron Throne” in  The HBO series Game of Thrones. There are also many entertainment prop bets associated with sports. There are prop bets on what an announcer will say during the game. What will the Super Bowl MVP say after the game. These are fun ways to get a little action and should be viewed as such. While betting should be enjoyable, what we concern ourselves with on PropBets.Football is the professional action.

Professional Prop Betting

Professional prop bets are made to win money. Does not sound that unusual but how many prop bettors look at NFL prop betting in the same way as game betting? Not many because the limits are lower and most professional sports bettors do not like limited betting. NFL prop betting requires a bettor make many smaller wagers to make a profit. NFL prop betting is a growth market with more and more sportsbooks offering an increased number of bets. The more lines that a sportsbook offers, the more “soft lines” that can be found. If you are serious about making money with prop betting, then you have found the number one online NFL prop betting football resource. We have tracked over 20,000 NFL player prop bets and have the results available for you in our FREE NFL Player Prop Betting Database. We have the odds, lines, results, and payouts for the last three years for you to do your research.

NFL Prop Bet Example

NFL Proposition bets are similar to NFL Totals or Over / Under bets. They typically involve will a player go Over or Under a posted number.

Just like game bets, there is a “vig” or “juice” that the sportsbook adds to the odds to make a profit. For example, a normal NFL spread on a game would be -2.5 points and will have a line of -110. The bettor must bet $110 to win $100 and will collect if his team wins by 3 points or more.

In NFL prop betting the lines and odds work the same way. Will Tom Brady throw for Over or Under 299.5 yards in a game with a line of -110 on the over and under. If you bet the over and he throws for 325 yards, then you would win your bet.

What is the big difference between the NFL game line and a player prop betting line? The odds can vary greatly on player props. It is common to see the Overs heavily weighted against the bettor. Using the Tom Brady example above. The 299.5 yards bet would have an Over of -125 and an Under of +100. Meaning that you would have to bet $125 to win $100. A lot of bettors do not like this, but they should. If you are betting to make money you will understand the value in this line.

Value in NFL Proposition Bets

Think you cannot make money on NFL prop bets? Read the article I wrote on This NFL Player Prop Bet made $106,975 over two and a half years

It takes time and research to be a professional at anything in life. Sports betting is no different. I know most sports bettors just want to walk up and make a bet and get in some action. That is great. If that is what you want, then take a look at our Free NFL Betting Picks which will include game and player prop predictions. However, if you are willing to put in a little time then you should take a look at the resources we have on PropBets.Football to increase your skill level and find the picks each week that provide a positive “Expected Value”. Professional prop bets are placed on the EV “Expected Value” instead of on the action from gambling.

NFL Prop Bet Research

A good place to start your player prop betting research is with fantasy football stats. They have been around for years and do a good job of providing the basics on how a player has done in the past and some sites are good at making projections. I like to use for my NFL player results. They have a nice layout and it is easy to use for building my betting models.

When research a player always weight recent performance more heavily than previous years. An important thing to consider is offensive coordinator changes. If there is a new coordinator then weight this year’s stats greater than if the same offensive coordinator has been with the same quarterback for several years.

Of course, you also need to look at the opponent he will be facing. Is it a top pass defense? Can they stop the run? Is there a pass rush? Will the game be a shootout, or will it be a close low scoring game?

Non Quarterbacks

A quarterback will get touches by the virtue of his position. Other positions however are more depended on game flow for productivity. How a player is used is a big factor in whether a player will go over or under on his prop bet. If a wide receiver has been hot and getting a lot of receptions and yards will the defense “take him away” by double or triple teaming him? Some teams change their defense to try and take away the offenses best weapon while other defense stick with what they do best. Knowing the defensive scheme can help determine who will get the receptions or if the offense will run more than usual.

When looking at wide receivers, tight ends, and receptions by a running back. Always look for consistency in his targets. This will let you know if the offensive coordinator is going to target him no matter what the defense tries to do to take him away. A player whose targets have a significant variance is one that is more dependent on the offensive scheme. This type of player can have boom and bust weeks that may be frustrating to those who did not do their research but will be money in the bank for those of us who do betting research for a living.

Player Prop Betting Stats

What better place to start for your prop betting research than a player’s past prop betting performance? I know his stats are out there at numerous websites, but the stats do not tell you if he is a good bet. You

A quarterback could be leading the lead in passing yards but that does not mean he is a good over bet on passing yards. Just like game betting lines, the sportsbooks adjust their odds to the public betting perception. Only in prop betting, the lack of professional gamblers allows the sportsbook to concern themselves with only the recreational bettor. It is widely known that the recreational bettor prefers to bet the over. Therefore, betting the under is a prime way of making money. The recreational bettor will also bet on the hype a player is getting. If every sports announcer is talking up a player then the sportsbooks know he will get more action on the over so they will increase his odds a little and make the public pay extra to bet the over. If you are going to make a prop bet on a quarterbacks passing yards in a game wouldn’t you like to know if he covers the over 75% of the time or if he covers the under 75% of the time? You can, right here on PropBets.Football.

Team Prop Betting Stats

Most people think the only NFL prop bets are the player prop bets. Not so. A big untapped element in football betting is the quarter lines and totals. How did a team do against the spread in the first quarter of games in 2019? Where the Atlanta Falcons a good bet to go over the total in the third quarter of games? If you knew you could have made money betting on them. If you would like to know then you are in the right place. PropBets.Football tracked how teams did against the spread by quarter. Take a look for yourself. We have a by team breakdown on each team betting page and we have an interactive team betting database where you can see how teams did and you can see now an opponent did against a team.

For quick reference there are quarter breakdowns for ROI to see which team was profitable in each quarter. Again, all FREE here.

NFL Betting Match Ups

There is a lot more data for NFL prop betting than you probably thought there was. However, your time is limited, and you cannot do all the research on your own. No worry. We here at PropBets.Football will be creating quick to read match up advice for game and prop bets. We will also be making game and prop betting predictions all season long and unlike those touts on TV. Our picks are always free.

NFL Prop Bets Frequently Asked Questions

·  Where can I bet on props?

·  Can I bet during the game?

·  Where can I find one players betting results?

·   Are there betting correlations between prop and game results?

Where can I bet on NFL Player & Game Props?

If you live in a state that has recently allowed in state wagering on the NFL there will be some prop betting available. The number of prop bets varies widely from sportsbook to sportsbook. So, take the time to check and see if your state offers in state wagering. If you live in a state that does not allow in state sports betting or if the number of prop bets is limited. Then try one of the online sportsbooks that we recommend. All of these sportsbooks have been in business for years and they are online only, so they have mobile wagering down pat. They also offer some excellent welcome bonuses to new customers that you should take full advantage of. Lastly, even if your state does offer NFL prop bets there is a likelihood that the betting limits will be smaller than you would like. Especially when you see those two or three props you want to hammer. This is one of the reasons I have accounts at several online sportsbooks. I can hammer a prop at five different sportsbooks in a matter of minutes from home on Sunday morning.

See our list of online sportsbook reviews & bonus offers

Can I bet during a game?

Yes, in game wagering is one of the fastest growing type of sports bets there is. However, not all sportsbooks offer in game prop betting. In fact, what is offered is extremely limited at this time. Unless you go with one of the offshore sportsbooks because they have been doing this for years. Bovada sportsbook (whose lines we tracked) is the best online sportsbook for making NFL in game prop bets. Another one is MyBookie sportsbook. Both have action on every  NFL game this season and of course a lot of NFL prop bets for the playoffs and Super Bowl.

Where can I find a players betting results?

Here! And only here. We have been tracking these bets for years. Not only do we track the player prop bets but we also track the game betting lines so we can make on our projections on correlated betting lines. There is no better source for your NFL betting than PropBets.Football and we are FREE to USE! What more could you want?

NFL Player Prop Betting Database

NFL Individual Prop Betting Results List

Are there betting correlations between prop and game results?

Yes. If you want an example, then take a look at our FREE Super Bowl 54 preview. An over 80-page PDF betting preview of the Super Bowl that was available to you for free if you had been on our site.

Super Bowl 54 Game & Player Prop Betting Guide

Ready to Start Betting on the NFL

On any given NFL Sunday there will be well over a 100 prop bets on the board for EACH game. This of course depends on the number of sportsbooks you have an account with. If you do open several accounts, then you will see that even with small bets there is still an opportunity for the professional prop bettor to make money.

You do not need to wait for the Super Bowl to get started.

What you need to become a professional sports bettor.

  • NFL prop betting research from PropBets.Football
  • NFL Fantasy research – we recommend FantasyPros
  • Patience – It is a long season and you are going to make many bets
  • Bet for money and not for action.
  • Be willing to bet against players on your team when the stats are right
  • FREE betting predictions – come back here each week for our picks.