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Football Prop Betting Guide
How to Make Football Prop Bets on regular season & Super Bowl games

See Hundreds of NFL Prop Bet Odds from Bovada

New to prop betting? Have you made other bets before? Prop betting is no different than any other bet. This guide is to provide you the basics of prop betting so you can start out having fun (winning is fun).

Props bets are often viewed as amateur wagers rather than a way to make any serious money. The phrase “prop bet” is short for proposition bet. The proposition bet can actually be on any outcome at all. In football betting, props are bets that are not directly related to the final outcome of the game.

Prop bets must be handicapped just other bets to be successful. Football props in particular can be profitable because of the large number of props on a game and the time to research the lines. If you play daily fantasy football then you are already familiar with the type of research you will need to do to be successful making football prop bets. I always suggest you start small until you are familiar with prop betting and then always bet within your bankroll.

NFL Lines from Bovada

Super Bowl 52 Odds & Picks Eagles vs Patriots

Eagles vs Patriots 2017 Bovada Prop Bet Odds, Lines, Results

Philadelphia Eagles vs New England Patriots 2017 Bovada Prop Bet Odds, Lines, Results I compiled all of the Bovada NFL player prop bets in 2017. I have the player prop bet results for both the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots. The results are by individual players and by all players on a team….

NFL Player Prop Bet Results 2017

NFL Player Prop Bet Database – 2017 Playoff Teams

NFL Bovada Player Prop Bet Results – 2017 We tracked nearly 6,000 NFL player prop bets by Bovada online sportsbook. The database below contains the prop bets for the four Championship Teams: Jacksonville Jaguars, Minnesota Vikings, New England Patriots, Philadelphia Eagles. While our database is usable on a mobile device. To do real research we… top football online sportsbooks

Best Prop Betting Sites

Best Football Prop Betting Sites All online sportsbooks offer odds on NFL prop betting on the Sunday, Thursday and Monday night games as well the playoffs and Super Bowl. When you are looking for the best online sportsbooks to make a football player prop bet or an NFL team prop bet there are three online… how to start making football prop bets

How to Start Betting on Football | Beginners Guide

How to Start Betting on Football Below we cover the most common football bets. What are the bets and what are the strategies you need to know to get started betting on the NFL & College Football. What is a point spread? What is a money line? What is a game total? What is a… why make football player prop bets

Why make prop bets on football?

Why make Prop Bets on the NFL? Why are some prop bets considered easier than side/totals bets on NFL games? The Sportsbooks often offer props as a marketing tool rather than as a means of profit. Think of how many times you have heard of some crazy prop bet on the news. That is free… what are player and team prop bets

What is a Football Proposition Bet?

What is a football prop bet?   A football player prop bet is a wager on a player and the outcome is not directly related to the final score. A team prop bet is sometimes related to the final score (alternative line or total) or might not be such as a bet on the number… season win total betting strategy

Season Win Total Football Prop Betting Strategy

Betting on Football Season Win Total Our Season Win Total Predictions You should do your own research. However, part of your research should be looking at our season win total predictions. NFL Predictions College Football Predictions

Using fantasy football stats for prop betting

Using Fantasy Football Research to Win Real Money Prop Betting

How to use Daily Fantasy Football to make NFL Prop Bets Was this you last year? You buy the fantasy football magazines. You do your online research. You’ve even got your phone set to get ESPN fantasy alerts. You book a week of fun & work by flying to Las Vegas so you can play… using derivatives for player prop betting

Using Derivatives for Prop Betting | Patriots vs Broncos 2016 Game

Using Derivatives for Football Prop Betting If you remember the housing market crash you probably heard a lot about derivatives on the news. Many football propositions are derivatives. That means that one line derives from another. An example of a derivative is a prop bet on which team will score first. This is a derivative… prop betting example tom brady peyton manning

Example : Prop Betting Analysis Using Tom Brady & Peyton Manning

Example : Prop Betting Analysis A fuller example of how to make your own line for a prop bet. I will use the 2015/16 AFC Championship game between the New England Patriots and Denver Broncos. Let’s start with the stats. Tom Brady Average Passing Yards: 298 (Median 293) Peyton Manning Average Passing Yards (9 games)…