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What is live NFL Betting?

Instead of traditional sports betting options that must be bet prior to the game or between halves or quarters – live betting allows players to bet with updated odds updated constantly. In an NFL game the odds can change on every play.

Live Betting Lines from Bovada

Live betting opens up a large number of wagering opportunities that are not available in any other forms of betting. Bettors will be able to wager on the outcome of a drive, or individual play, and player prop bets that are updated constantly. Such as, Cam Newton passing yards for the game will be adjusted up or down based on what he has done so far in the game. If he is off to a slow start then then over under for passing yards in the game will be adjusted downward.  Also, more traditional forms of way wagering, such as point spreads and totals will be updated as the game unfolds, allowing players to bet with updated odds. These can include first half totals, game totals and even quarter totals and sides

Betting on the outcome of a drive, like will the Broncos score a touchdown on this series will refresh after each play with updated odds. If the quarterback gets sacked for an 5 yard loss, making it 3rd and 8, the odds will increase. This is just one of the bets offered on a typical live betting menu during an NFL game.

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